knowI was running around the whole time enough tim

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    knowI was running around the whole time enough time to rest we know me I thisentry job loungeside s suburbs of a few extra calories that'swhy I punched in the eight meals I was doing ate meals among on trainingdays and seven meals on on training days um so what I'm gonna do now I'm gonnapull back a second copy all my kiddo that comes in the last male I'm notgonna happen cartoon last two Ht Rush meals and I'll I'm gonna bar my cock you a little bitI'm gonna probably do about 25 %uh 25 minutes and continue with thetwists at the end so an extra five five minutesthere and it just make sure that still spawnwith my am my frequency of my meals and I'm going crazy intensity a little bitmore with the training no lower the rest times draw put in a fewmore draw sets may become a super sets in there as well just to keep the heart rate up all weektraining and I'm I think that's all the changes that weneed O'Shea you know

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