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    Increase viewership LiveStream Facebook is a service to increase the number of people watching your video or in other words increase the number of people watching your video when the livestream (Views on the eye side when you live stream) to help individuals business, celebrity … increase the trust products, services with their customers, partners.

    Imagine when you livestream that few people are watching or no one watching you will lose confidence when “pictured”. Let us help you feel more confident using our LiveStream viewer service!

    Where can the LiveStream viewer be viewed?
    • Increase viewership of LiveStream on Facebook profile
    • Increase viewership of LiveStream on fanpage
    Benefits of using the LiveStream Viewer service:
    • Increases checkin for video when livestream
    • Create crowd effects, capturing your livestream viewers
    • Create credibility, trust of customers with your product
    • Create a good impression with partners, customers, fans …
    • More viewers will attract new customers and keep customers watching to the end
    • Opportunity to bring video livestream to proposal. At that time, the view increased from a few hundred to several thousand viewers.
    Why you should use our LiveStream Live Viewer service:
    • Prestige: It’s the top factor that the Channel Like service has and is praised by hundreds of customers
    • Quality: Service Like channel always committed to quality view is real users, 100% Vietnamese, or can be foreigners at your request.
    • Quickly: Immediately request the customer when you order
    • Safe: Real and natural views should be safe for profile / fanpage pages, no decrease in video views, drop views.
    • Effectiveness: Create reputation for profile / fanpage, increase sales, increase fan for celebrities
    • Confidentiality: The Channel Service is committed not to disclose any of your information
    • The cheapest: Channel Services Like directly receive and make you should cut off the intermediate stage

    Skype: dieu.nv

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